Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowed In, but Resting

It's Jen writing again.....Not too much to report today, which is great news, actually! Everyone is increasing their feedings and tolerating them well. (Which is keeping me busy, I might add. Even if I am snowed in! =) ) Isaac is getting very close to trying out an open crib - which is quite exciting. Since he's our chubby one, he should be able to maintain his body temp better than his brothers.
I'm definitely missing them today, but I know that this is a great chance for me to rest and recover. I'm still experiencing some incisional annoyances, so I'm hoping by laying low, it will heal faster. So far, recovery is much easier than my transabdominal cerclage surgery. I think mostly because I'm not growing and stretching this time and because of your prayers.
Brad got a snow day today as well, so it's been nice to get some things caught up around the house. Living at the hospital for over a month makes for a lot of things to put back in place. My mom is here hunkering down with us. She's been such a blessing! We're really keeping her busy with laundry, since the boys are wearing clothes now in the NICU. Talk about cuteness!
Also, for those of you wondering about the monos in the pic below - Brooks and Clark were the troublemakers. However, as you can probably tell, Isaac and Clark definitely have some major resemblances. It's gonna be a challenge!
Thanks to all who have called and emailed - I'm sorry I can't get back to every single one of you at this point, but please do not be offended. It's just a bit crazy these days. Also, if you are wondering about getting a thank you note from me, please be patient and merciful. I'm still working on ones from my December 23rd shower. I'm not quite sure how I'll ever catch up, but please know that we are so incredibly thankful for EVERYTHING! It's been amazing and overwhelming. Once again, God is faithful!


Anonymous said...

Brad and Jen...

I just received the blog address today. I've been sitting here for a while catching up on the last month of your lives! Between hearing things from the Covington and Brownsburg folks I have been kept up through your pregnancy. So glad the boys are here!! They are absolutely beautiful!! We serve an awesome God don't we!! What a blessing, or should I say 4 blessings! You guys have been in my prayers through all of this. I remember when I heard you were pregnant with quads. All I could think was how you were going to carry 4 with your little body! Amazing!! :) I just wanted to tell you Congrats!! Glad things are going well and you're doing okay and home! Hopefully this snow will stop soon and you can head back out to see those babies!

Kim(Auter)Pelkey, Bob, Logan and Brooke

Julie said...

Hi Brad and Jen,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We seem to check your blog all the time, but we realized neither of us wrote or emailed. I have already been out shopping for the boys. I am so amazed at how well all is going and am so glad that you are at home. Get all the rest you can before you know it you will have 1,2,3,or 4 boys at home. ARE YOU PUMPING FOR ALL THOSE BOYS??? Wow am I ever amazed and proud of you. I am praying that you and Brad have a wonderful surprise day off together. I was wondering who the mono mono's were so it is Brooks and Clark but you are totally right Isaac and Clark look alot a like. My girls are still trying to grasp the concept that the babies are not in your tummy anymore but they are on the computer?!--Wow that is confusing for two little ones. We still love praying for you and if I know any of your friend's no one is waiting for your thank you's so take your time and get healed. Isn't having babies like a wedding that you have a year to get them sent out????


michael said...

Jen, I bet you are missing the boys. So glad things are improving day by day. I'm surprised the boys are wearing clothes! We'd better get that shower scheduled. We're reading the updates regularly and praying for a quick recovery for you and continued progress for the boys. Isn't God amazing!


Anonymous said...

Brad & Jen,
So glad to hear how the quads are improving daily. Hearing how Clark improved after you were able to see him was very touching. God still performs miracles, as you and Brad have witnessed. Thanks for your updates to this blog. I know as the babies start coming home, we won't be able to have this luxury to share in your blessing (your blog). Take care and rest now while you can.
Chuck and Brenda

Sandy said...

Jen, I know that when I brought P & P home, my dining room table sat with the stuff to send out personal thank yous. I had good intentions, but I was very busy! My mom went and had wallet sized prints made of a cute "just home" pic and printed "thank you" accross the bottom. These were sent out to the gift givers. I know that there will be many people to whom you will wish to extend your thanks. Please consider investing in some personalized postcards (people really love getting the pic). These can be ordered at Walmart.com for $0.84 each. (There are other options that are cheaper also). Addressing these could be a great job for a volunteer. I know that it took the pressure off of me, and I was glad the task was done!