Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pictures and more pictures...

Friends and Family,

I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow our boys will be in the Hendricks County portion of the Indianapolis star. So, you will have to be in Hendricks county to get it, but hopefully we can get out to get a copy. Also, I assume it will also be on www.indystar.com in the Hendricks county portion.

In the interim, here are some new pictures of our little boys!

This is our little Henry. (2/12/07)

Brooks already likes to smile (2/12/07)

Clark (aka Superman) (2/12/07)

Isaac decided to open his eyes for this picture, very exciting!! (2/12/07)

This is Henry five minutes after birth (2/2/07)

This is Brooks five minutes after birth. (2/2/07)

Clark right after birth. (2/2/07)

Isaac, our big boy, right after birth. (2/2/07)

Mommy holding Brooks for the first time! (2/6/07)

Mommy very excited about finally getting to hold one of her sons, Brooks. (2/6/07)

Proud papa, I only wish I could hold all four at once!! (2/6/07)


Laura said...

Wonderful pictures! They all look so much alike, wow! Thanks for sharing them. I love the one with Issac's eyes open, but they are all just precious.

Jenn Brothers said...

Thank you so much for sharing new pics and keeping us updated. I am so glad that all the boys are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Those babies are absolutely adorable, and "thank you" so much for taking the time to share them with us. You both look GREAT for all you have been through the past 3-4 weeks. Our God is an awesome God, and he gives us the strength and courage we need to face what life hands us, and he brings us through. God Bless you and your beautiful little boys.
Mariann and Sarah Martin

Justin, Michelle, Evie, Austin said...

Hey guys...
Thanks for sharing these sweet miracles with us. Jen you look wonderful. My kids love seeing the updates and pictures about the boys. They ask if we can see the babies every time I get on the computer.
Take care~