Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quick update, new picture!

Hey all,

Jen and the boys continue to do very well. Now we just wait for the boys to begin to maintain their own body temperatures, and learn to eat without a feeding tube. Please be praying for that. Also, pray that this crazy snow storm doesn't keep up from seeing our precious boys for too long!

New Pic:


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new picture- they all look so great! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all! Thanks for keeping us updated!

Emily Fay

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooo cute!!!

Mommy of 5 in IL

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful.

Andrea Pulice

brittany said...

I am so glad to see another pic of your boys! How adorable! Can you believe this weather we're supposed to get? I pray it won't keep you away and that you boys will continue to thrive as well as they have already. Praise God!

Rita Smith said...

Brad & Jen,

Bill and I have been keeping close tabs on your whole family via your blog and we are both so very happy to hear how wonderful everyone is doing. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you and we hope to visit with the whole family soon.

God Bless,

Bill Richards & Rita Smith

Brian & Amy said...

just want to let everyone know if you click on the picture you can view it larger. You should be able to do that with all the picturs on a blog.

You have truly been blessed
Amy Ritchie

Anonymous said...

Help us! Which two are the mono twins??

Anonymous said...

Hello Team,

I continue to pray for you daily. Thank you for all the updates. They are such a blessing to us as we pray to our Great God in detail for you all.

His love,
The McKenzie Team from Texas

Anonymous said...

They are so cute, thanks for the new pictures!

Jennifer H-Momo board

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful Jen & Brad - and all that dark hair! It's great to see them on room air and be able to see their faces! Julie Burgess

Marina said...

I heard about your little boys from Carrie Soppe. I had twins 2 1/2 years ago that had to be in the NICU. What a God send the nurses are who work in the NICU. We knew they were in the best of care when we could not be there. My little Peige had the heart rythym problem as well but they came through with flying colors. As to the miraculous turn around of Clark well Mommy visiting i am sure was a big part of that. I remember holding them in my hand, so little and they would snuggle, it was truly amazing. Good luck to you both, on your exciting venture! It is only beginning. Wait until you have 4 two year olds! I have a 4 yr old and the 2 1/2 yr old twins, all girls and life is go, go, go!

Laura said...

Wow! You guys are in for it, they all look alike to me. If alike is cute cute cute, than that is wonderful! I am glad to hear they are doing so well. Keep resting Jenn, I am glad to hear your recovery is going well. Great pictures. Hope the snow lets up.