Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Praise....and HELP!

Friends and Family,

First, we want to praise our God for the amazing work He has done in allowing our boys to develop quickly enough to come home before their due date. It is truly amazing to bring all four of my boys home without any monitors or other assistance. Our doctors tell us that they plan to send Clark home to complete our family sometime tomorrow. This is just simply amazing. My son Clark, who came so near to death a few days into life, is coming home more than two weeks before his due date!!

Also, we are so thankful as we prepare to bring Clark home that our family, church, and co-workers are beginning to pitch in and help us get through these rough early months. We already have many, many people signed up to take shifts, day and night, for the coming weeks and months. I would like to specifically thank Carolyn Terry and Cindy Hamilton for their organizing work to begin this journey, we would have very little done without them.

I wanted to come back again and extend an invitation to any of you who would like to take a shift to help take care of our boys and have not been contacted about doing so. Please e-mail me and give me your phone number, and I will pass that on to the ladies mentioned above. We need a few more people to ensure that Jen has help during the day so that I can return to work, and we are also accepting evening and night help from those of you who are willing.

Please e-mail me at Bradley.g.murray@gmail.com to be added to the list. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and the times of the week/day that you might be available to help.

Thank you all so much!

Brad, Jen, Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac


suzanne said...

i would be there in a heartbeat to help you guys if i lived by you! lord knows that i will need the exact same help in a few months! i'm so glad clark is doing well and about to come home! what a blessing!!!

Denise Benner said...

I'm so glad to hear that all your family will be home very soon.