Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh What a NIGHT!

Well, after leaving grandmas and aunt Kristy in charge for the night to go and pick up Henry, we soon realized we were in for quite a night! Brad and I decided to go by Babies R Us before picking up the little guy to look for a rocker/glider, since we just can't keep the Hurt's recliner forever. (Thanks Dan and Karen, it's been a true comfort to all of us!). No luck on that - where do you buy a good nursery rocker, anyway? Well, on our way out of the parking lot, Brad noticed a strange noise coming from our van. He pulled back into the parking lot to take a better listen....We really should have video taped this for you all to get a hoot out of....well, when he went to pull the key out of the ignition the car kept RUNNING!!!! That is NOT normal! He put the key back in the ignition in the start position and it shut off and then it would not restart. Making an incredibly long story brief, we had to call a tow truck (by the way, the cars on the northside must not break down, because it's impossible to find a tow truck up there! - must be all those Beemers and Lexus'). Kristy came in our car to pick us up, we threw all the "stuff" into the car, strapped in the car seat and finally headed to get our little Henry. I think he thought we had forgotten him. We finally arrived home around 10:30.
From there until about 3:30 we had a crying fest between the 2 alumni (Brooks and Isaac) until my m0m used her g-ma magic and got them settled. I think they were just missing Clark. =)
Anyway, it was quite eventful, which I think has just now become the theme of our lives!
More adventures later,
Quatro Mama


megan said...

Quite eventful for your life wil be an understatement I'm sure! There will be a lot of energy bundled up inside those 4 boys. just wait until they think they are spiderman and jump off the top of the ladder on the swingset, while hanging onto the rope! Caleb came to the house with a hurt nose and grass on his face!! He must have fallen face first!
i'm sure with 4 brothers they will be able to cook up some good stories!! The best thing is to keep track of those stories in a day calender so you don't forget them 20 years from now!
we are still praying for Clark!

Anonymous said...

Wow- what a story! I'm glad you can laugh about it- although I'm sure at the time it wasn't that funny! Congrats on having 3 at home. We'll pray that Clark joins you all soon.

Andrea Pulice

Laura said...

What an event! Now the real fun begins! Hope to hear Clark joins you all soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, still praying and knowing God will give you the strength to handle all the SURPRISES that come about. Love you and yeh only one more little guy to go (or should I say COME HOME) Love Leona