Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Praise God for the Great Days

What an amazing day!!!!! This is JEN (aka quatro mama)writing!!! I was so excited to update you all for the first time in months. (It helps that I can actually fit a computer on my lap now. My ridiculously HUGE belly kept me from that for months!)

First to update you on CLARK....He has had his best day ever. So great, in fact that they couldn't keep up with his progress. He was switched back to the "regular" vent today, weened off all blood pressure medicine, and his ventilator settings are turned to low (meaning mostly room air). He is also off the paralytic medicine and off the billirubin lights. (Although I must admit it was pretty cute to have all 4 of them lit up in blue for the Colts game!) Please continue to pray - there is still some danger ahead we are afraid for this little guy, because of his heart valve and the fact that they have not diagnosed what has caused his trouble. Perhaps this will be another unexplainable work that God will show Himself through, as the doctors and nurses cannot explain what has caused him to improve so much today.

Now to ISAAC.....He was taken off the vent this morning and put on C-PAP. Brad was able to help keep him calm during the transition process, therefore they didn't have to sedate him. Brad was able to place his hands under his head and on top of his precious body and rock him gently in his hands for about a 1/2 hour. He calmed down in his hands. What a sweet memory! Isaac is also off the billirubin lights. The only stinky news is that Isaac also has the unclosed heart valve and started his medicine tonight. Will you pray that Clark and Issac both respond to this treatment and will not have to have heart surgery?

HENRY...I like to call him King Henry, because although he's the little guy he's the show off. Today was my first day due to my fever being down for 24 hours to be able to touch our kids, and Henry fell first in line. I can't describe how precious his little head was to touch.

BROOKS....Best part of the day. I was able to hold my own sweet Brooks tonight. He even showed Mommy and Daddy his pretty eyes
for quite sometime. Then as he got snuggled in those eyes got too heavy to keep open and he fell right to sleep in mama's arms. Daddy got his snuggle time next. I cannot describe the sweetness of those 20 minutes.

An update on me.....I will most likely be released tomorrow, if my blood pressure is not too high and as long as I'm not getting too faintish because of my low blood count levels. (Sometime I'll have to fill you in on an interesting story this morning of trying to sit in the laundry basket in the bathroom because I was passing out - what an adventure this all has been!) I cannot believe that I have been here in the hospital for over 4 1/2 weeks! Please pray for me during this transition home and as Brad and I are away from our boys. We know that we cannot be with them here constantly - so please pray that we are able to leave them in the great care they are in and for me to start this recovery process from such an extreme pregnancy. My body has quite a bit of adjusting to do after going through the war. (I've already lost over 35lbs in 4 days, though, so perhaps I should have went for that "Biggest Loser" audition.)

Also many of you are asking when the boys will come home and that is a question not even being considered at this point. They ALL have many things to accomplish in NICU first. Specifically: 1.Maintaining Body Temperature on their own in an open crib
2.Ability to Feed
3.Ability to Gain Weight
4.Breathing on their own
They say plan on them coming home around their due date (March 30), some come home a bit earlier, some later. Most likely they will not all come home at the same time. They are 5 days old tomorrow, so we're just taking one preemie step at a time.

Alright, time for my vitals...Brad is sleeping - what is wrong with this picture? Didn't I just have 4 babies?????? Just kidding. What an awesome example Brad has been to love his wife as Christ loves the church. I am so blessed!


Anonymous said...


Great to hear from you. I am so excited for you and Brad! Thank for for all the updates and stories. I look forward to meeting the boys this summer.

Amy Miller

Laura said...

I think because you have been doing all the work getting these babies here, I have failed to get to know you! Please know how much the whole entire MOMO site has been thinking of you and praying for these miracles. I will continue to pray. Congratulations, you have done such an amazing job for these babies, you have a lot to be proud of! Keep recovering and resting. I know leaving my twins at the NICU was emotional, but it got better. I know getting home to your own bed and stuff will be really surreal!

Anonymous said...

Jen- SOOOOOO wonderful to hear your "voice"!! :) I continue to rejoice with you and pray for all that is needed in the near future for you and the boys! Take care of yourself and get lots of rest!

Hopefully, I'll be able to make the trek to see you once things settle in a bit for you guys!

God bless!

Emily Fay

Anonymous said...

Though I don't know you, I have been praying for you and your family and it has been so wonderful to get to say "thank you" to God so many times in the last few days. I will continue to pray for God's blessings to be upon all of you, but particularly for Clark and Isaac at this critical juncture. It sounds like you all are doing a great job of staying positive and enjoying this as much as you can (I loved that the boys bathed in their blue lights reminded you of the Colts:))

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! We are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. You have a great team of nurses and doctors taking care of your boys. Hope to talk to you real soon. Jenny S. Quadmom in Fishers.

Darla White said...

Jennifer - - I'm sooooo excited for you - - we have all been praying and we know first hand how God intervenes in circumstances that leave the Dr.'s puzzled. God's GRACE is sufficient and we are praying that He will have your family (ALL OF THEM) home and healthy!!! So try to rest yourself up for that big and wonderful day!! We love you - you have always been EXTRA special to our family ... hard to believe you are a mommy now - boy do I feel old! God Bless - and yes - Brad has been a blessing to read how he has cared for you through all of this!!! Darla White - and our family....

shergzus said...


So good to hear "you" blog and get the scoop from MaMa! We continue to keep our prayer chain updated from your blogs as to any new pertinant prayer requests. Each little hurdle you face takes you one step deeper into the 'water of faith' with our loving Father. God is so faithful to meet us right where we are (with all our fears and concerns). We will continue to pray for all of you and especially for Clark and Isaac; that the Meds will do the trick and their little valves will close without any further need for surgery. The reason the Drs. can't explain this is because it truly is a work of God (answering all those prayers going up for you and the boys)!!!
Have a wonderful day! God bless you. (He already has....4 x's over!)

<3 Sheryl & Co.

Susan said...

Give me until this weekend to work on the NICU clothing for the boys but I have Preemie clothes to deliver already. I'm also going to try and design a special hat for the boys, aka the Blue Crew, to wear. Wish me luck! I'm praying for all of you and I am so happy to read your wonderful updates!

Hoping said...

Great news! I hope you all continue to do well.

Anonymous said...

Jen, it is so good to hear from you. I'm glad you'll be able to finish your recovery from home. We'll keep praying for you boys, especially Isaac and Clark.

Andrea Pulice

Anonymous said...

Murray family -

I am so happy for all of you. I have kept you in my prayers. Cindy Winings said that she will be seeing you this weekend so I am going to send 4 outfits with her for your boys. Can't wait to see pictures of them as they get older. Please let me know if there is anything that you need!

Shannon (Effner)Imel
White Lick Resource Teacher

Anonymous said...

Jen, It is good to hear that you are recovering - I can't imagine what the past few days have been like for you...I am happy that you will be released from the hospital soon - but I will be thinking and praying for you I know it will be hard for you not taking all of the boys home with you. Can't wait to see you, Brad, Henry, Brooks, Isaac, & Clark!

smartin_81 said...

Jen and Brad-
I was so happy to hear that your precious baby boys were all born safely! You have all been in my thougths since I first heard how rapidly your family was expanding!

Jen- Your sons could have never picked a more caring, patient, or loving woman to have as their mother. I wish you the best as you recover from the "war" and transition from being a pregnant woman to a momma. You have truly been blessed!

Sarah Martin & Zoie
Covington, IN

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I've been praying for all of you. I came across your blog while reading my multiples newsletter a while back. I'm sure glad to hear you're feeling much better. You've been through a lot!!!!

Best of luck to all of you!!!! Enjoy those babies!

Mommy of five in IL

Kimberly and the Guinn Girls said...

The Guinn Triplets from Georiga say congrats, congrats, cograts.

Sandy said...

Jen, hmm, I thought I posted last night, I guess it didn't take. So glad that you were able to post. You did GREAT! We have a wonderful God, and you have a wonderful testimony of his unfailing love and faithfulness.
Sandy P & P

BobD said...

Jen, Good to hear from you. Glad you are able to be up and around with your boys. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Steve called and said to tell you Hi and that he is following everything on your blog. Take care and we will keep in touch, All our love, Bob and Judy

Anonymous said...


Scott and I were excited to hear from you. So glad you are doing much better. We have been praying for all of you and have seen God do so many miracles starting from day one.(= He is so amazing! What a testimony you both have been for Him.

We really appreciate Brad keeping us updated so well. I shed a few tears every time I read them. I love the way he loves and cares for you and the boys. What a godly man. What a testimony.

We are so glad the boys are doing so much better and will continue to pray for them and both of you as well.

We love you,
Scott & Kristie

Gretchen said...

It's so good to hear from, YOU, Jen!

Love ya, girl!


Stephanie said...

Jen, you are awesome! I am very much a stalker of your blog. Loved hearing about each of your precious boys.

Steph G.

April & Charles said...

I must confess we do not know one another at all. But I still have you in my thouhgts & prayers!

Donna Smith said...


It is so good to hear from you! What an example ALL of you are! You and Brad both write so beautiful, and make me cry every time I read your website. Thank you for taking the time to write and keep all of us updated. We hope to see all of you soon. You are always in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing example you guys have been. I am impressed by your Christian witness. Thanks for letting me play a small part in your care last month. It was a joy to see you both each week. Hope everything continues to improve for your 4 boys. Looking forward to more updates.

Adam Jablonski

Cara said...

Jen! I'm so thrilled to hear that you are feeling well...GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY!! What an exciting, blessed, and amazing time for you:) Always in my thoughts and prayers, Cara C