Sunday, November 12, 2006

Leaving 20 weeks behind, all is well!

I hope the boys enjoy it, because this is the only time in their lives that I can afford to put all of them in a Manning jersey! :)

Well, at 20 weeks, two days, all is well at the Murray's. We are so excited that the Lord has seen it fit for Jen to carry our babies past the 20 week mark without any problems. Our Lord is hearing our prayers so we ask you to please keep praying! Please pray that Jen would be able to continue another week without contractions. Jen's doctor is starting to show some suprise as to how well she continues to do. Let's pray that our God would be glorified to see her blow all of their expectations away for this pregnancy.

Please pray:

-That God would keep our babies safe from harm.
-That Jen could continue the pregnancy without contractions.
-That God would allow Jen to sleep as she continues to grow and become more uncomfortable.
-That God would allow us both to trust Him and have peace as we await His will for this pregnancy.

Thanks friends!

P.S. Thanks to Sarah Reaves (and her mom-in law) for the sweet jersey hook up. One thing Brad and I agree on is that they will all be COLTS fans! It's just that Purdue/IU thing that causes so much conflict. -Jen


Emily Fay said...

Praise God!! :) I am so happy that everything is still going well for you two! Jen- you couldn't be cuter with 4 babies in that belly! :) You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

julie burgess said...

Jen & Brad - read through your blogs. Those 4 car seats are ADORABLE! I remember when I got our 3 at a shower and lined them up - it FREAKED ME OUT! You guys are really blessed with all that is coming your way from people. I'm amazed. And the day of delivery, Brad, you may just need to sit down! But it'll be AWESOME! Looking forward to getting you through your pregnancy. Julie B (MOM group)

Brittany said...

Jen, You look ADORABLE! LOVE the jersey pic! I'm so excited for you to reach 20 wks. Next goal, viablility! Woohoo! We're still praying! Yay for the testimony you're having with your doctor and that God has answered our prayers to keep you contraction free for this long! You're doing great!


Anonymous said...

Jen you look great!! I am so happy that everything is going well! I pray for you and the babies every day! I love reading all of the updates!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture :) Keep up the great work Jen. Tony and i are praying for you everyday.

Setrn said...

love the side view. I am inspired by your faith. thanks for sharing.

Donna said...


From the staff of Dr.Henry, "YOU LOOK GREAT! We are so happy to see you doing so well. Our prayers are with ALL of you daily. Keep taking good care of yourself, and continue to be the "rocks" that you are."


Sarah Reaves said...

You are too adorable. You are most welcome for the jersey...I'm beginning to think we need a larger one! I may have to check out the men's sizes! You are too cute! I love you! Have a great, yet restful, uneventful Thanksgiving.