Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Going for 21, smooth sailing so far.....

Click on the image above to see an animation of our sonograms from weeks 6-19.

Thank you all again for praying, we are continually amazed at how our Lord is providing for our every need. Jen ande I are sitting on the couch currently watching our boys turn her belly into all sorts of different shapes. I love to see them curl up in a little ball and make a half a softball show up on one side or the other. Jen doesn't mind them moving around too much, as long as its not under her ribs!

We are just so excited that our God has decided to give us such a good pregnancy so far. Our friend, Dr. Gentry, (an OB and elder at our church) talked with Jen tonight and seemed very encouraged about the fact that Jen has still gone contraction free. This, in turn, was very encouraging to us. We are just so thankful for the awesome people that God placed in our lives ahead of time for this event in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Will you please praise our Lord with us for what HE is doing? We often want to put all of our trust in doctors, nurses, and technology. And, I am very thankful for all of those things as I view them as provision from God himself. But, I need reminded sometimes that even doctors, nurses, friends, and medical technology are things that God gives. I think our doctor, Dr. Sumners, is an extremely intellegent man, but who created him? Who gave him those abilities?

God is providing abundantly in this journey. He is answering our prayers.

Could you continue to pray:

- That Jen would continue to go contraction free
- That all four of our babies would continue to grow and stay healthy.
- That Jen would stay healthy and cold/flu free
- That God would provide peace and patience for us


Gretchen said...

Cool animation thing. . .

Hey, Jen, keep hanging in there. I really do think that the Lord gave you this pregnancy just so that you could get so much attention and turn that attention upward! You are doing a great job staying Christ-centered and God-glorifying! I really appreciate that! I know that when I read your blog it will be upbeat, and full of praises to our Heavenly Father, not a depressing journal of fretful worriers. I'm sure worry is a natural instinct to succumb to, so again, I appreciate your strength of heart (which is the faith Christ continually supplies you with, I know!)

I will keep praying! I should put up that picture of you somewhere so I see you all the time and remember to pray. That, and it would be a great conversation piece! :)

Love, Gret

Setrn said...

Jen, I am so excited for you! I am so glad that your pregnancy is staying a "quiet" one so to speak! I know all to well how an evening of waiting for contractions can be very difficult and scary. I am thrilled that you are able to lean on the Lord and give Him glory. I will be praying for you.