Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Almost to week 16.....

Posted by Brad (10/11/06):

We are almost to our 16 week appointment. This Friday we will go in for our ultrasound and checkup. Friday marks exactly 16 weeks of pregnancy. This week has been a good one for the pregnancy. Jen has been able to completely remove herself from the pain medication associated with the surgery, and we praise the Lord for that! Because of this, this week has been particularly painful physically, but even that seems to improve by the day.

My little Jenny is definitely showing now. Those boys are growing at an amazing rate, and while she will probably start to get uncomfortable with this, we are thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far. Jen has such a positive attitude about the difficulties of this pregnancy, she continues to amaze me. As men, we like to pride ourselves on being the stronger, tougher gender. Stronger....maybe sometimes, but tougher, forget it! My wife is proving to me just how mentally and physically tough she can be. God is giving her strength that I didn’t know she had.

The hardest news this week came from outside of the pregnancy. Jen got the call this week that one of her co-workers at Delaware Trail Elementary was killed in a tragic car accident. Nancy Pratt had been teaching at Brownsburg for 33 years. I never met Mrs. Pratt personally, but I had heard about her kindness from Jen. She had been particularly interested and supportive with our pregnancy and a faithful blog reader. We would ask that you would be praying with us for the Pratt family today and in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your continued kindness in lifting Jen and the babies up in your prayers along with all of the food, DVD’s, and service being offered on our behalf.

God Bless,


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Anonymous said...

At 16 weeks I was measuring 22 weeks, let me know what you're measuring. I love reading about how well everything is going - good luck and keep your faith! Power of Prayer is amazing!!

Denise Benner (Quad Mother)