Friday, October 13, 2006

4D Sonogram Images....

(Click on image for full size image)
Baby C or D

Baby C or D

Baby C or D (Its hard to keep them straight, they can switch places!)

Baby B (no thats not a hole in his head, just the sonogram!) :)

Baby A


Brittany Powell said...

Brad and Jen,
I LOVE seeing the pics of your boys! Now, some of us would like to start seeing some belly shots of JEN! Come on now, we're interested! Anyway, I love the 5th pic. Looks like he's telling you to stop looking already! Soooo cute! I had a couple of these 4D u/s's with Nathan and they're so fun to watch. How can anyone see pics of their babies like this and think GOD isn't our creator and that it's just "tissue"? Our God is so amazing and that He can form 4 boys in Jen's womb all at once and they're all so perfect already is just testament to that. Wow. Thanks for showing us all of the pictures!

Michelle-Covington said...

Brad and Jen-
How amazing! After two kids I never had a sonogram that way. The way things change. Baby A seems to be a little shy. Just think what it will be like to see them in person. Talk later. Take care! Can't wait to see more and more of you.