Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thoughts from dad.....

Posted by Brad (09/02/06):

Now that I have had a few weeks of spending hours in thought about the coming months of our lives, my mind is beginning to move past the pregnancy a little to think about our future. We are trusting our loving savior with the lives of our children and trying not to spend too much time thinking the worst.

Many people immediately think of the busy lives we are sure to have if God provides us with all of these babies. And, although I have very little experience in taking care of babies, I have no doubt that this is going to be true. But, there are also some really cool things I have thought of in regard to being a parent of multiples, so I thought I would share them with all of you.

1. If they are all boys, I might have the majority of the varsity basketball starting line up living in my house. (hey, I can dream) :)

2. If they are all girls, and as beautiful as their mother, it will be fun using my shotgun to run all the boys off with.

3. No matter what gender they each turn out to be, it will be great that they will all have siblings the same age to play with.

4. Although it is sure to be insane, we will only have to go through the most difficult ages to raise kids once.

5. I was not sure if I wanted to have more than 2 kids or not, now I don't have to decide! :)

6. I was not sure before if we could afford to have a baby, now I know we can't! :)
(So we get to see God provide in ways that we would not have otherwise, He is faithful! )

7. Being pregnant with multiples has already tested our faith and God has used it to bind Jen and I closer together as we "lean not on our own understanding" in this difficult time.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for us. We will try to keep you updated as we wait on the Lords will for this pregnancy. Our requests have not really changed, but we praise God for amazing support and provision through friends and family. Thank you all for your offers, we will probably need you all at some point during this process!

In Christ,


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Setrn said...

Brad and Jen,
I was happy to be given this site to keep up with your story. I blogging would have been available when I was expecting my two. Our experience with multiples seven years ago (we found out we were expecting twins sept 99), was a roller coaster, but SO worth it! And God is so faithful through every hard moments. Jen, I will be praying for you as you make your way through this first stage and beyond.
Sandy Thornsbrough