Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Great news along side our fears....

Posted by Brad (08/23/06):

While Jen and I, along with the doctors, try to fully understand the circumstances that surround the increased risk in the pregnancy, we wanted to give you all an update to praise God about.

The babies:
This week, at our check-up, Jen and I were excited to find that all of our babies were growing and doing very well. They have doubled in size in just under a weeks time! It is absolutely amazing to see God weaving our children together. We were able to clearly see their tiny hearts beating at an incredible rate. God is providing for their little bodies very well.

I am happy to report that Jen is also doing remarkably well. It seems as though she is having fairly normal pregnancy symptoms. She is very tired when she gets home from work, and can be nausiated from time to time, but overall is coping very well physically. Emotionally, it has been a trying time for us both. God is giving us grace to trust him one day at a time.

It is easy to focus on the negative when doctors tell you that your babies lives are at risk due to circumstances that are completely out of your control. And, while the realities of our circumstances deserve our attention, we also cannot forget that we have a kind, compassionate, soverign Father in heaven who has absolute control over every detail in our lives. And, as we have given these fears and worries over to Him, He has been amazing in the grace that He has provided. Our God is truly a great God!

We thank you all for your prayers for us and the babies to this point. Please continue to pray for the health of our babies and for Jen. Please pray for our appointment tomorrow morning with our new doctor who specializes in multiple births.

Thank you all so much for all your support!

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