Monday, August 28, 2006

Coasting along.....

Posted by Brad (08/28/06):

Praying friends and family:

We continue to covet your prayers as we take this journey one day at a time. I wanted to give you all an update since we switched to our new doctor who specializes in multiple births. We had our first appointment with him on Thursday of this past week. We were very pleased, not only with his personality, but more importantly with his experience with high order multiples.

We also want to praise our God for providing us with parents and friends so eager to serve our needs already! We are more appreciative than any of you will ever know. We do not deserve family and friends who show us such kindness, but God has chosen to provide them for us anyway.

Please pray:
-That God, our most qualified physician, would protect our babies from harm.

-For strength for Jen as she continues to fight exhaustion.

-That we would hold on to Jesus and trust His promises.

-That God would give us wisdom in choosing when to make changes to Jens work schedule.

Thank you all!


Jen Hen said...

Brad, This is your wife! You are doing such a fabulous job on updating our blog. I know that this is something you CAN do, so job well done. You are an incredible friend and husband.

The Martin's said...

God bless you guys on this journey. God knew long ago that you would be perfect parents for these 3 babies. We are all praying for you and the boys can't wait until the babies come out of your tummy!