Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pray for Jen and Clark please....

Friends and Family,

Two parts, Jen then the boys:


Jens preeclampsia symptoms seem to be nearly gone, so praise God for that! But, in the middle of the night last night Jens temp spiked above 100 and climbed to around 102 this morning and stayed there. Dr. Sumners is afraid she is getting an infection internally, so he has prescribed some IV antibiotics. She is responding very well to these and appears to be doing better. Please pray that we have hit the final bump in the road for Jen, we are ready for her to be better for good.

The boys:

Praise God, Henry, Brooks, and Isaac are doing very well. Isaac should come off of his vent very soon which would leave all three of them on room air just like you and I. Please pray for Clark. Clark is not responding very well to his ventilator and is being switched to a different type of ventilator. Clark is very sick and needs our prayers. We trust God with his life, but are asking that God would allow him to turn the corner and start improving.

More later,

Brad, Jen, and the Blue Crew


Laura said...

I will continue my prayers in everyone's behalf. I have also updated the MOMO site :)

Anonymous said...

Brad - I'm assuming Clark is on a jet vent. I know that's a powerful vent, but also enables the baby to do hardly any work, which will be good for Clark. I'll keep him and Jen in my prayers. Stay positive... Julie Burgess

Kathy said...

Congratulations on your quads! We too know the joyous birth of quads! We have two year old quad boys! They are so much fun! We have been blessed with good health and development. Know that the Southern Indiana quads' family is praying for your family!

brittany said...

Thank you for updating us on specific requests. It really helps us know how to pray for your family. We'll pray for them again tonight.

Rachel said...

We are praying hard for you guys tonight. Thanks for keeping us updated.

shergzus said...

Ed called me to start our prayer chain for Jen and Clark. We are so thankful for your up-to-date reports. It really helps in letting the prayer chain know how God is answering our prayers on your behalf. We are praying that the new Vent will work wonders for Clark and that he'll soon be over this hurdle in his so very young life. Also we're praying that the antiobiotics do their job and Jen recovers quickly.
Oh yeah...and Way to GO Colts!!! WOO HOO! We had this joke when people asked who we were rooting for: the Cear Bolts....of course!! haha! (That way Our team matter which side wins! lol) Hopefully Brad got to watch His Team win!
Keep looking UP! And have a Happy Jesus Day!

<3 Sheryl & Co.

Setrn said...

Brad and Jen, Glad to hear that Jen is improving. I hope she has been well enough to visit the NICU! We will pray for all 6 of you, but specifically Clark. Thanks for the update.
Sandy P & P (former 28 weekers, and ventilator grads, now almost 7 years old)

Anonymous said...

Lifting you all up in prayer, especially Jen and Clark. Nancy

grammy said...

we,too, will pray for Jen and Clark, and all the boys, including Brad, and the grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins. God is good. and He is faithful. We love you the Mike Reese Family.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Jen turning towards
recovery. We will pray that fever
right out of her. More prayers
for Clark are being said right now.
Praise for the other 3 boys.

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brad, I just got your blog site from Janet. You have been in our thoughts and on our prayer list at church, when Gary annouced at chuch yesterday that the quads were born everyone was so excited. Take care and we will keep in touch. All our love Bob and Judy

Susan said...

Many many prayers are headed your way during this time and allow me to say that I am a four time veteran of preeclampsia as well as had the same doctor help deliver my children. You are in good care!

I am also a member of the Preeclampsia Foundation and want to let you know if I can be of any help to your family, please do not hesitate to give me a call or email.
I live just south of your church in the next town.

I would be willing to help bring over a meal once you get home and settled, and offer up anything I can to help your adjustment with four precious little ones. Do you currently need preemie clothing? I can help there, as well. Please let me know how our family can help yours as we are very close and can deliver! :-)

Anonymous said...

I wil be praying for your whole family, but especially Jen and Clark. May God see them through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brad;

Keeping the 6 of you in my thoughts and prayers so that everyone continues to improve. Let us know if the "MOMS OF MULTIPLES" can be of any help. Jenny/MOM of quads in Fishers.

Anonymous said...

hey boys! this is one of you lucky 4's future wife :) though i'm exactly three weeks older than you my parents say you're worth robbing the cradle! Just a little encouragement for you Clark...i too was on a vent for about a week. But thanks to Jesus, I'm all better now! well, it's almost nap time, so i better go! Praying for you all everyday, Claire Zetterberg

Anonymous said...

All of my love and prayers go to the two of you and to four of the cutest boys I have ever seen! I'm sure that one picture doesn't really do their cuteness justice. My whole family and I are all praying for you every day. Congratulations on the boys!!
All my love,
Becky (Ritenour) Miller

Anonymous said...

Brad, Jen and Boys,
God has brought you all so far, we know and believe He will continue to heal and bring you all home as soon as possible. We love you and can't wait to help out when you are home and ready for us. Big Hugs, Love ya, Leona