Monday, February 19, 2007

Please Pray!

Family and Friends,

Sorry I have not updated you the last few days, but I have a couple prayer requests for you tonight.

First, Jen started having some severe pain last night that has come and gone throughout the night and day today. Her doctor is aware of the issue and we are keeping him up to date on it. Please pray that her pain would go away soon. Our God has brought us through so much, and we know that He will bring us through this too. But, please, in the mean time, pray for relief for Jen along with peace and endurance as she just try's to get through this time. Please pray that this pain would not lead to anything further and full recovery is just around the corner.

Second, Clark is having some problems again. This time, it is his intestines. A portion of his intestinal tract is dialated and not moving enough. They have taken him off of feedings and placed a line to deliver IV fluids again. He is in no immediate danger, but if the condition continued or worsened, it could be very serious. Please pray that his intestines would get moving again soon and that God would heal our son once again. Clark may not be able to eat again for a while, so please pray that God would comfort him as he deals with hunger.

Thank you all so much for being faithful to pray for our family. God has blessed us with so many of you to pray for us, thank you for the encouragement. Here are some updated pictures for you!

Jen holding two at once for the first time!!
(Isaac and Henry)

Isaac (2.19.07)

Clark (2.19.07)

Brooks (2.19.07)

Henry (2.19.07)


Anonymous said...

Brad and Jen, we are praying! Hang in there, I know it's been a tough road already, but before you know it your boys will be home with you. Everyone looks great from the pictures! I'm so glad to see Jen holding at least two at once. It really sunk in for us that we had triplets when we held all 3 for the 1st time! We love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing this exciting time of your life with us.

God bless,
Amanda S

Laura said...

I will be praying for all of you, exspecialy Jen and Clark. I have a friends baby who went on and off feedings for similar issues, I will pray the necessary changes come quickly for Clark. Please keep us updated, if you have any questions email me!

Thinking of all of you, the boys are absolutely beautiful, and Jen you look amazing! You have been through so much, and I am so impressed with your strength, willpower, and most of all faith in God! It will continue to bless you I am sure.

brittany said...

We're still praying! Your boys are adorable! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Frankie said...

Kristy keeps us all posted and shows new pictures everytime she gets them, but I just had to look for myself and see all you beautiful miracles! I can't wait til these four little wonders make it to visit auntie Kristy. I can't wait to see them. They are all beautiful but I'm sorry to admit that Henry is my favorit. He went from being call 212 to Henry just moments after his birth so I have to keep close tabs on him :-)
Hope mom and dad are doing well and I pray for all six of you.

Gretchen said...

Those pictures are totally adorable! I can't believe how much older they already look! What beautiful babies!

Michelle said...

Oh how wonderful to see the progress and how God has worked. We will certainly be praying as we have been daily. Thanks again for the update and let us know if there is anything we can do.
Love ya guys~

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and Brad,
I haven't written the last couple of updates but I do read them and love seeing God at work. I can't believe how beautiful and precious your little guys are... I am still amazed at the miracle God performs everyday:) We will be praying for you ALL and we know God will continue to carry you and uplift you. Love Leona

Denise Benner said...

Jen - Isn't it awesome to hold 2 at a time!? Get used to it I'm still holding at least 2 at a time and sometimes all 4, but since they are getting so big, my lap can't hardly hold everyone and be comfortable. I have a picture request, what about a family picture, each of the you holding 2 babies. We had this done in the hospital and even though I didn't look the best, it was a good picture! Prayers are still coming your way! Get plenty of rest, the boys will be home soon and you won't know what sleep is! Take care!