Monday, January 08, 2007

Hospital Visitation/Card writing

Family and Friends,

We are having another great day today. I am at work, but was just able to run over to the hospital at lunch for a monitoring session. All of our babies are doing great and are showing all the right signs to the nurses to let them know that they are all doing well so far. Hopefully this shows that there are no current problems with cord compression or knotting to worry about, but we will keep watching!

Fun stuff:
We did have a couple of fun milestones that we reached this week that are very encouraging. First, when the initial sonogram was done when we checked into the hospital, the doctor doing the scan noticed that she was able to detect breathing movements in our boys. At about 28 weeks, babies are suppose to begin this movement to “practice breathing” before they are born. They still get all of their oxygen supply from Jen, but this will help to develop the muscles necessary to begin to breath when they are born. The other thing that happened for the first time this weekend is the famed fetal hiccups. Jen has now felt hiccups in two of the boys. I think it will be really funny sometime if they are all doing this at once!

Last, we have had some people ask about visiting while Jen is in the hospital. She would love to have visitors while she is there and we welcome all of you. The only thing we ask, for your own convenience, is that you call before you come. This way you will not drive all the way to the hospital only to find that Jen is being monitored and cannot have visitors. If you would like the address for the hospital along with Jen’s room number, feel free to e-mail me and I will get that info to you. (bradley.g.murray

Thanks for your prayers, God continues to preserve the life of our precious boys!

Brad, Jen, and the hiccupers….is that a word?? :)


Anonymous said...

This is interesting to read. I have never seen a blog. Mother Kathy has kept me informed and what great writing I keep seeing. I am so glad to have had the chance to read of your milestones. I pray that God will bless you 6 as he prepares for the Day. Take care of each other. Shirley Lueking at the good ole Covington Middle School

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, the hiccups. Jackson had them quite frequently (every single day I think and more than once) but the little booger RARELY has them now. Glad to hear everything is still going well for you and the boys. :) Jennifer Brothers

Anonymous said...

Does Jen think it would be funny for all the boys to hiccup at the same time? If she thinks that would be fun then I want it to happen. Otherwise Daddy, save the wants until you are carrying these babies:)(You know I am kidding around with you). Love you all, Grandma Murray

Gretchen said...

Hey, Brad and Jen. . . wow, you guys have the MOST readers and visitors on your blog EVER! You're so popular. I couldn't BELIEVE how many people signed your role call! But, I wonder how many of those people have you as a link on THEIR blogs. And furthermore, how many people have that link called "Jen the Hen". I do!! :)

I love to read all the updates! Thanks, Brad, for doing such a good job. You're such a supportive husband! Any more thoughts on naming your little bunch after the Beatles? They are the Fab Four! :) (totally kidding)

Anonymous said...

Great news guys!! I am so happy that you are doing so well. The Lord is really watching out for all of you. Well you may get more visitors, I just put a link to you blog on our local MOMs club in Charlotte NC, I just love reading your blog and know you need all the prayers you can get.

Jennifer H-from the Momo board

Anonymous said...

I should have been reading this blog a long time ago instead of bothering Jen with all my phone calls(: We love you guys. I will be checking in again soon(:

Donna Smith said...

Hello Murray Family,

We at Reproductive Care are reading your website every week to make sure things are going well for you guys. I am so happy to hear that all is well so far. We continue to pray for all of you. We love reading your updates, as they show so much faith and trust in God. You both are such an inspiration. Hang in there as you wait patiently to hold these little miracles in your arms!

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Donna and staff at Reproductive Care

Kia said...
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Kia said...

Just found out about your family through Charlotte Mothers of Multiples (through a post by Jennifer - see her comment above - thanks Jen!)- you will all be in my prayers!

I spent 4 weeks hospitalized so I know what it feels like!!! Hang in there!

Kia, mom to Jack & Kaitlyn, b/g twins, 18 months old, born 34 weeks gestation 6/22/05

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to see your success so far. I have followed your blog from almost the beginning. I wish you all the best, will continue to pray for you, and follow until your four little ones arrive. Darlene Halloran (Kate's mom)

Steph said...

Hey Jen
Hooray for healthy babies and real clothes! Listen, get all the free soaps and mini shampoos you can! You'll get your Christmas shopping for next year done WHILE you wait! :)

Anonymous said...

Brad I know you have so much on your mind caring for Jen, the boys,work, and house needs but thank you for taking the time to update the blog. It is a blessing to us reading it and knowing how we can pray for your families needs. Hi Jen - enjoy this precious extra time God has given you to sit or lay at His feet- in prayer and reading of His prefect Word. He is giving you extra rest to prepare you for the days to come. Enjoy your gift!!!

In God's faithfulness,

Anonymous said...

You two have a great blog and wonderful comments describing your experiences and thoughts! Congratulations on your achievements thus far. Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best in your journey with your four boys!
Out of Canada...

Brian & Amy said...

Did you know that you can put a free counter on your blog. It will show you how many people have vistied and how many times it has been viewed. (it keeps track from the time you put it on) We have one on our and it's been viewed over 15,000 times since April 2006 (no, that is not a typo!!) You can look at ours if you want and see if it is anything that interests you. If you click on the "view site stats" it'll show you the possible things you can see about how often your page is looked at.
our page is and it is at the very bottom.

Praying for you and wishing you the best. Love your testimony for the Lord

A sister in Christ and a fellow mono mono mom of Alysa and Oliva who lives with Jesus

Anonymous said...

Brad and Jen,

Have enjoyed viewing your blog. Are there any needs that you have at this point that we might be able to help you with? I would like to remain anonymous. Thank you.

From Illinois

Steph said...

great update, and thanks for the visiting advise.

Steph said...

oops, that last post was Sandy Thornsbrough, I am at Stephanie's computer!

Anonymous said...

Brad and Jennifer,]
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I find myself checking your site almost daily.

We had Kalyn's twins and the little one for a few days over break and it was such fun! Demanding is an understatement, but fun none the less. You are in for the best days of your lives.

Rick and Jill Snodgrass

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled across your site and spent the last hour recaping on your babies!Children are a blessing from the Lord, and man, are you in for a blessing!!!I will keep you both in my prayers as you go through this difficult time. My saying through my pregnancy was, "this too shall pass".Remember to thank God every day even when you don't feel very thankful. He promises not to give you more than you can bear!

From:Connie, Mom to Cassandra-6, Samantha-3 and Fraternal twins Maxwell and Mitchell-17 months

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad and Jennifer, WOW I just saw the pictures of your precious babies, how exciting!!!!!I know you are all sooooooo exicited too! I talked to Grandpa Ed and I know he is about to bust! Get as much rest as you can now,my mom said when she had me and my twin brother, it was so hectic,she just can't imagine what it would be like to have four babies! I can just picture little Jennifer running around after them like a mother hen,well,good luck to you all,I'll keep you in my prayers.God Bless you all. Patty Tolley your old neighbor in Covington.