Tuesday, January 30, 2007

3 Part Post....The Plan...New Measurements....The Needs List

Friends and Family,

I have not been able to get on here to give you our latest updates, so this post is a three part post.

1. The Plan

We now have the timing down of the plan. Thursday morning our doctor will perform an amniocentisis to determine lung maturity. The test takes most of the day to get results, so we should find out the results on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

If their lungs are mature to ours and our doctors satisfaction, he will deliver our boys on Friday or soon there after. If not, we will need to decide whether we need to risk delivering babies with immature lungs, or wait for mature lungs and risk a cord accident. This decision will be difficult, so please be in prayer for this as well. But, most of all, continue to pray that their lungs are mature. Everyone agrees that we should deliver if their lungs are mature.

So, the exciting part here is that we may be talking about babies being born this week!!

2. New Measurements

Our babies got measured today for the first time since January 5th, here they are!

Baby A: 3lbs. - 2oz.
Baby B: 4lbs. - 4oz.
Baby C: 2lbs. - 12oz.
Baby D: 2lbs. - 12oz.

These are excellent sizes!

3. The needs list

Many people have ask us what our needs are when the babies come home. We have been so overwhelmed by the number of people who have told us that they would like to help once the babies come home. So many, in fact, that we are sure that we do not remember them all. So, here is the list. We have had a couple friends volunteer to organize the help once the babies come home. (you know who you are)

So, here is the plan:

If you would like to help take care of our baby boys and us as we adjust to having four infants at home, please look through this list. Pick out any of the things that you would be willing to help with and e-mail those things to me along with your name, phone number, and days/times that you are availiable. After we get the list compiled, we will contact you when then needs arise.

We know that all of you are not going to be interested in holding, changing, and feeding babies. But we will appreciate ANY type of help that you might be able and willing to give in this awesome time in our lives. Also, if you want to offer other kinds of help that we didnt think of, feel free to add to the list!

Things to do.....
1. Making us meals
2. Bottle cleaning and preparation
3. House cleaning/laundry
4. Feed and change babies (morning, afternoon, evening, and night shifts)
5. Grocery Shop / Run Errands
6. Yard Work (in the spring/summer)

Things we need.....
1. Diapers (or gift cards to buy them with)
2. Coupons for diapers and other baby stuff
3. Preemie Clothes
4. Double Stroller (we have one coming, need one more)
5. Registry items at Target/Babies R Us
6. Financial support

Please contact me at: bradley.g.murray@gmail.com

We only post this list because we have had so many people ask. You all need to understand that we expect nothing of you. If you are our best friends now, and dont have time to help, you will continue to be our best friends! :) We love you all and if all you did was pray for our babies, we are indebted to you for life. God has been gracious to us and we will depend wholly on Him to provide us with our needs. If you want to be a part of that provision, thats awesome!!

Brad, Jen, and the Blue Crew
Go Colts!!
(Remember, we ask you all to pray for a Superbowl birth/berth for us and the Colts, but now we would like to revise that request. Could you pray that the birth be timed so that Jen and I could both watch? :)


julie said...

jen and brad,

i am praying right now!!! we are getting so excited as i am sure you are. thank you for all the specifics.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a great post Brad. Your boys are growing so well, good work Jen. I will continue to pray for all six of you and specifically that the boys' lungs are developed enough to deliver.

Jennifer H.-Momo board

Setrn said...

What a well written and well thought out post. Thanks Brad for so diligently keeping those of us who are praying up to date in such a specific way!

shergzus said...

What a wonderful post. That's awesome news! We're praying that the results from the amniocentisis are a "GO" and that soon you'll be holding 4 precious little healthy boys. Sounds like their birthday is going to end up very close to the Gunter twins birthdate. I can't believe that they are turning 2 the first part of Feb. (I don't remember the exact date.) Keeley so enjoyed babysitting them in the final days before they left for India. God has a special plan for each of your boys too. God bless you both and give you a safe delivery. May your testimony touch many lives as a result of this journey God has taken you on.

<3 Sheryl

Gretchen said...

Ha ha!! You guys are so funny! I hope you'll be watching the Colts bring in a victory. . .

We'll be praying about what the Lord might use us to do to help.

Can't wait to hear all about them! It is SUCH a miracle that we are talking in this way, isn't it?? WOW!

grammy reese said...

we are praying for you today as jen goes thru the amnio. you two have had such a positive, godly attitude with all of this. simply trusting is easier said than done. but sometimes, we know it is just plain out of our hands. the LORD bless you and your boys. grammy reese

Anonymous said...

Good luck today! Just think those boys' birthday could be on Groundhog's Day! (With 4 you're bound to have a Bill Murray in the bunch! Let's pray not! Though he may be better than having a Sean Reaves in the bunch!)
Love & Prayers, Sarah Jane
(THE #1 Colts Fan!)

Shane said...

we can't wait to claim victory for the Colts, but more importantly victory for the Lord. To Him be ALL the glory! Jen, you have done a great job. We are anxious..I know we aren't suppose to be, but this is so exciting!

Shane & Rachel Frazier