Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Rough week, but all is still going well

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C (not a very good shot, he wasnt cooperating with the sonographer)

Baby D

Friends and family,

This week has certainly been the most eventful week since the pregnancy began. As we told you earlier, Jen spent Monday night in the hospital to calm some early contractions, but was sent home Tuesday. Then, Thursday evening, a home contraction monitor was brought to the house for Jen to use twice a day. After an hour of monitoring laying down, the monitor showed that she was not having any contractions.

Late Thursday night, Jen started experiencing some pain that we hoped was just related to digestive problems. But, after 3-4 hours of this pain, we decided we better check with Dr. Sumners to see if he would be worried about it. Well, he told me to bring her into Triage to make sure the pain was not being caused by contractions. So, at 3am, we packed up and headed for the hospital. This time however, contractions were not the problem and we were sent home by 7am. We had to turn around and head back two hours later because Jen had a regularly scheduled appointment at 10am, but we were glad to be discharged none the less.

The greatest news is that all of our boys are doing very well and dispite some discomfort from four babies growing inside of her, Jen is doing very well also. At our doctors appointment, our babies were measured for the first time in a few weeks. As of Friday, babies A,B,C, and D were 1 lb-5oz, 1lb-5oz, 1lb-0oz, and 1lb-1oz respectively. Jen now monitors for contractions for an hour twice per day, but as of this morning, she was contraction free!

Thank you for praying. Our God has been faithful to keep our babies safe through 23 weeks of pregnancy. He is our strength and we continue to see Him work in wonderous ways in our lives.

Please continue to pray for:

- Strength, patience, and courage for Jen as she enters the most difficult phase of the pregnancy.

- For an uneventful week. (Friday makes 24, viability baby!)

- For releif from pain for Jen

- For the health of our babies.

- That God would allow us to glorify Him through this pregnancy by sharing with others the Good news of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

- Praise God with us also for allowing our insurace to cover the contraction monitor. Sometimes this is a problem as they do not see it as a necessity. This monitor is 75-100 dollars per day and thus very expensive to pay for on our own.

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Good to hear how everything is going!