Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cruising into week 25, the boys are doing great!

Friends and Family,

Sorry that it has been so long since our last posting, its been a pretty busy week.

Yesterday at our weekly appointment, we got a good report once again. Dr. Sumners was "excited" that Jen had made it to 25 weeks and was not only still at home, but also on the mildest medication for contractions that exists. If any of you ever get to meet Dr. Sumners, excited is not a word that he uses very often, so it was very encouraging to hear. He is a very gifted man and really knows what he is doing so he always chooses his words carefully.

Although we are past the hurdle of "viability", Dr. Sumners stressed yesterday that it is VERY important that we make it to the 28 week mark. As we progressed past the 24 week mark, life became a possiblility. But, Dr. Sumners explained yesterday that quality of life is the big issue now. 50% of babies born between 24 and 26 weeks end up with long-term nerological damage that ranges from minor learning disabilities, to permanent sight and hearing problems, to severe cases of cerebral palsy. Although this risk is reduced between 26 and 28 weeks, the percentages do not improve very dramatically until they actually reach the 28 week mark.

I share all that with you so that you have a better background to pray from. We are praising our God daily for getting the boys this far into the pregnancy, but we really need to make it three more weeks.

Also, please pray for Jen this Thursday. Her co-workers have set up an open house style shower for Jen. Please pray that she would feel well enough to enjoy the shower and fellowship with her co-workers.

Please pray:
-That God would protect Jen and the babies for at least 3 more weeks of pregnancy.

-That God would give Jen grace as she continues to get more uncomfortable as she grows with the boys.

-That Jen would feel well this Thursday for her shower.

-That God would allow Jens digestive tract to better adjust to the pregnancy as she is dealing with some major pains and discomforts from time to time.

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Ice-Family said...

Hi, my name is Dayna and I came upon your blog through someone else's blog so I've been following and praying for you all. The reason your blog kept me interested and praying is b/c 15months ago we had a 26 weeker born at 2lbs. God answered so many prayers and Isabelle is a true miracle with no lasting health problems today! God is doing great things in your lives and we trust that His hand of protection is upon you and your babies. Our blog is
And after we first had Isabelle we journaled at
In Christ, Dayna Ice