Monday, October 02, 2006

Recovery Road...

Posted by Brad (10/01/06):

Jen wanted me to get on and let you all know that her recovery is coming along very well. She is so thankful for everyone's e-mail, website comments, and phone calls. She also wanted me to let you all know that she is sorry that she has not been able to get back with each person individually. She is starting to come around now, but has had a rough 10 days since the surgery.

It has been amazing to watch my wife as she perserveres what I know is more pain than she has let on. One of the things (besides her beauty) that attracted me to her to start with is her amazingly positive outlook on life. She finds the bright spots in everything, including a 10 inch incision! We are just so thankful to be getting the amazing medical care so close to home.

A friend sent us an aritcle today about a couple from Danville, Illinois that is pregnant with Quintuplets. (5) Jenny and Pete Ferrill are about 19 weeks along and have been dealing with contractions for many weeks now. She is seeing a specialist in St. Louis and will be going there soon for bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy. Her husband, Pete, will be forced to stay in Danville during this time to continue to work while she is on bedrest.

I cannot imagine being hundreds of miles away from my Jen during a time such as this. When the time comes for Jen to be on bedrest, she will be in a hospital that is literally 5-10 minutes from where I work. I will have the luxury of going to see her on lunch, and have friends who will be close enough to come visit and help also.

Our God is in control and has blessed us in our circumstances in so many ways. Would you pray with us for Jenny and Pete? We dont know them personally, but it helps to pray for others when it is so easy to become self-centered. Please continue to pray for our babies, but also pray that we are able to glorify our Savior in all we do. No matter what happens in this pregnancy, nothing is more important than our relationship with Christ. God will take care of our babies if He does not choose to give them to us, but He has given us life now, we must choose not to waste it.

We love you all and cannot thank you enough for keeping Jen and the babies in your prayers.



Amanda said...

Brad and Jen-

Mike just gave me the address to this blog...just want you both to know that I/we are praying for you. Also, if there is ever anything you guys need...please don't hesitate to contact me. I am at home most days and not too awfully far from you guys...dinner, help around the house, anything...just say the word! We will continue praying for you guys and checking your blog!

Amanda Feiock

Cindy Hamilton said...

Brad & Jen,
What a blessing you are to others! Your postive attitude and trust in God are so uplifting to me! I praise God for the strength and faith he is giving you each day! What a witness you are to others. Jen, if you ever want company I'd be happy to come visit and help in anyway you need. If you need help with anything just let me know. (Actually I'm hoping to get in good, so I can come help when those babies get here! :) Seriously, anytime, just call or e-mail. You are both in my prayers.