Friday, October 20, 2006

17 Healthy Weeks In The Bag!!

Wanted to check in and let you know that your prayers are being answered. Our God is faithfully providing physical relief and emotional peace as each day passes. Jen has had a really good week this week in comparison to any since the surgery. She is still dealing with some pain associated with the stretching of her incision as our babies grow, but it is much more tolerable than it has been. She has been able to get out of the house several times this week to have dinner with friends, finish our baby registry, and enjoy the fall a little bit.

We are very hopeful that this will continue. Although the doctors say the potential for Jen to start contractions in the coming weeks is very high, we are confident that our God in completely capable of holding those off for many weeks to come. We know He is able, but we just don’t know if He is willing yet. We certainly don't want contractions to start because we never ask Him for this provision, so would you please join us in petitioning our Lord for this? We will trust His judgment in this no matter what He deems appropriate.

Thank you all for your prayers. It is awesome that in spite of the fact that we are completely unworthy of the gift of salvation that He has given us through Christ, He gave it anyway. If God provided nothing else for us on this earth, Christ would be enough. But, His grace extends well beyond salvation alone to our every temporal need. He has walked right beside us through this entire ordeal so far, and we know He will continue to do so. Your prayers are a provision and a gift from God for us. We thank God for all of your prayers daily - He is using you to provide for us!


Donna said...

Dear Brad and Jennifer,

Brad, your call here at the office to provide me your web-site could not have been better timing for me. As I looked at the blog site that you and Jennifer have set up,it completely inspired me at a time when I am feeling very down and out with my own situation. I don't think I ever mentioned to you guys that I, myself, have suffered with secondary infertility, and have lost 2 babies within the past 7 years, the last one being at almost 20 weeks. I have recently sought infertility treatment with Dr. Henry and went through my first injection cycle and IUI last month without success. Just getting the courage to try again after this last lost was a huge step for me, but now the devastation of infertility seems to surround me every month, and can keep me physically and emotionally drained. However, I look at the both of you and you have been a complete inspiration to me. You have reminded me to keep faith and trust in the One who has a plan for me, and to take comfort in the fact that He is capable and willing to provide an extension to my family. I pray for you and your little miracles every day, and have kept you in my prayer journal. Thank you for being "angels" in my life. I look forward to seeing your little "pumpkins".

God Bless,
Donna Smith

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just saw your comment on Gretchen's blog. Congrats! I have a friend who just had supertwins and I will pray for you as well!

Setrn said...

Brad and Jen, it is great to see you counting off the weeks. I know from experience that each week is a blessing. I will continue to pray for you and the babies. I have only ONE request, please post a few pictures of how Jen is looking from time to time. It is hard to imagine what little Jennifer Myers looks like carrying 4 babies! Sandy

Gretchen said...

Jen and Brad,

WOW! I am so encouraged by your God-centered focus about your pregnancy! Our God is so wonderful, isn't He? You guys are troupers, keep it up! I will certainly hold you up in prayer.

BTW, What is Jaimie Z's married name? Josh and I are going down to Southern in January, and I want to hook up with her, so I should probably find out what her hubby's name is. Thanks!