Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Recovery in progress....

Posted by Brad (09/26/06):

Just wanted to give you all an update on Jen and the babies condition.

They are all still doing very well as far as we can tell. Jen has experienced much more pain since we came home from the hospital and has had some nausea problems, but both of those issues seem to have taken a turn for the better today. Jen is able to do more by herself each day and we are so thankful for all of your prayers. She is recovering at an amazing rate and we know that God is completely responsible for that progress!

Please continue to pray for our babies this week. We go back to the doctor for a check-up on Thursday, so be praying that we find our children doing well.

Have a great week everyone!


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Donna Smith said...

Dear Brad and Jennifer,

Brad, your call here at the office to provide me your web-site could not have been better timing for me. As I looked at the blog site that you and Jennifer have set up,it completely inspired me at a time when I am feeling very down and out with my own situation. I don't think I ever mentioned to you guys that I, myself, have suffered with secondary infertility, and have lost 2 babies within the past 7 years, the last one being at almost 20 weeks. I have recently sought infertility treatment with Dr. Henry and went through my first injection cycle and IUI last month without success. Just getting the courage to try again after this last lost was a huge step for me, but now the devastation of infertility seems to surround me every month, and can keep me physically and emotionally drained. However, I look at the both of you and you have been a complete inspiration to me. You have reminded me to keep faith and trust in the One who has a plan for me, and to take comfort in the fact that He is capable and willing to provide an extension to my family. I pray for you and your little miracles every day, and have kept you in my prayer journal. Thank you for being "angels" in my life. I look forward to seeing your little "pumpkins".

God Bless,