Friday, August 11, 2006

Our journey as parents begins.......

Posted by Brad (08/11/06):

Hey all!

Jen and I decided that we would like to keep track of our journey as parents via this blog in order to keep parents, siblings, and friends who cannot be with us regularly updated on our little ones progress.

What you see to the right is the sonogram from the ultrasound we got on Monday, August 7th. This is the image that left me awestruck and I am sure has changed our lives forever. The large black blobs are the individual sacks that each of our babies are in. The white part inside of those sacks are our babies. This particular shot shows all three sacks, but none of them actually show all three babies. I can assure you though mom (Janet and Kathy), I saw all three of their little hearts beating, it was amazing! :)

This entire week has been very surreal. I don't think the true reality of our blessing has totally sunk in yet. Jen is currently 7 weeks pregnant and looking great. She is feeling fairly well for being pregnant with three aside from being very, very tired.

Jen will add a post later to give you her perspective on things, but I wanted to go ahead and get a posting up here to get it started. We are going to try to update this regularly, so those of you who would be willing to pray with us for 34 weeks of pregnancy with a healthy mom and babies, check back in for updates!

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